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About the Theatre

In 1931 a professional actor spoke at a women’s club meeting suggesting that the Springfield community could benefit from producing local theater. Since then, SCT members have dedicated themselves to enriching hearts and minds of all who seek out the arts in their lives and to bringing quality community theater to Springfield and Clark County. Join us as we approach a century of celebrating the stage. We welcome volunteers of any age or level of experience to act, help behind the scenes, serve on our board, or bring your own talents to help create theater for our community.

Diversity and Inclusion Statement

Springfield Civic Theatre is a non-profit community theatre where all participants, regardless of gender identity or expression, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, sexual orientation or identity, education, socioeconomic status, or disability feel welcomed, valued, and respected.

Previous activities include supporting the Promise Neighborhood theater camp for underserved youth, as well as inclusive casting in past productions.

In our ongoing effort to improve, we will make a direct outreach to recruit directors, performers, stage crew, board and committee members, and audiences who reflect a rich diversity of backgrounds, abilities, and generations. We work to expand offerings for underrepresented constituents.  We are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all that we do.


Meet our Board

  • Suzanne Grote-President

  • Nancy Mahoney-Vice President

  • Rita Brooks-Secretary

  • Ray Woeber-Treasurer

  • Annette Locke Black

  • Jennifer Brunner

  • Becky Brunsman

  • Patty Daniels

  • Afton Holfinger

  • Ruth Lawson

  • Monica Logan

  • Jennifer Stamper Mahoney

  • Paul Ross

  • Steve Schlather

  • Ron Weber

  • Amy Welch

  • Trish Williams-Chase

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